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3 Text Message Ideas to Steward Donors [Infographics]

May 26, 2022 9:30:00 AM | Recurring Giving 3 Text Message Ideas to Steward Donors [Infographics]

When structuring your text message strategy, we recommend using the "rule of three" for touchpoints. Keep reading for optimal timelines.

Best text practices are simple: ALL of your donors should hear from you via text at least once a month

If you communicate with your donors LESS than 1x/month, you increase the risk of losing their attention. If you communicate with them MORE than 1x/month, you increase the risk of irritating them. Either way, they can become disconnected from you.

But the truth is...

If you communicate content that is fun, engaging, relevant, and shares the impact of their donation, donors will actually look forward to hearing from you.

When structuring text messages, we recommend using the "rule of three" for touchpoints.

The 3 Touchpoints of Texting

The three touchpoint of texting are (1) acknowledgement, (2) impact/update, and (3) ask/call-to-action. As you'll see, it doesn't have to be complicated to hit these touchpoints.

  1. Acknowledgement - Thank you for your [action — i.e., creating an account, making a donation, signing up to learn more, etc.]"
  2. Impact/Update "Here's how your donation is making a difference [include picture/story/update]."
  3. Ask/Call-to-Action - "Check out our NEW way to give." OR "Please support our upcoming special campaign!"
Recommended timeline and communication for one-time donors

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Recommended timeline and communication for round-up donors

Taking this all into consideration

Now, as we're sure you can see, there's a pattern that starts to emerge with these text messages. The key is in making sure that the content you share, and the evidence of the impact that their donations are making, connects with your donor base. And the best way to do that is to get out there and start texting (but not too much 😉).

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Megan Carlson Kladakis

Written By: Megan Carlson Kladakis