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3 Ways To Show Social Proof On Your Fundraising Pages

Does your fundraising page feel like a bore?

Or worse, does it look like it could be for any fundraiser for any nonprofit?

Maybe you know it feels generic, but you’re not sure how to fix it. 

You’re leaving money on the virtual table when you fall-back on vague messaging. But, there’s good news! There’s a simple and impactful antidote to generic-everything: Social Proof.

Whether you're selling a membership, launching a monthly giving program, or tickets to an event, or fundraising for a new program, social proof can do the heavy lifting to take a potential donor from “maybe…” to “I’m in!”

Social Proof might sound like a kitschy marketing term, but simply put, it's just 3rd party validation that what you're offering works.

Let’s dig a little deeper. Social Proof was first written about in 1984 by author Robert Cialdini in his book Influence. It investigates in the psychology of why people buy (or donate) and when used effectively, it can sway customers into action. Yay!

Your program or service has tangible results. People's lives have been positively impacted because of it. 

The last time you were searching for the perfect sunscreen or sneakers, you likely landed on an an Amazon or Zappos page with “Reviews.” 

How often are you swayed to make a purchase or abandon-cart from a purchase depending on how many “stars” they have?

When you see that a product has 3,422 reviews and the average is 4.8 Stars… well, you can feel pretty confident in the purchase. If you see that a product has 2 reviews with an average of 2.4 Stars… well, you’re not feeling so confident in the product, right?

It’s the same thing for donors, supporters, or customers. They want to see that your program, service, or product is works! The real deal. Impactful, high quality, and proven.

Let's look at some really simple, but VERY impactful ways you can illustrate Social Proof:

  1. Peer-to-Peer Fundraisers: the power of seeing raving supporters is unparalleled. When I see friends, neighbors, and thought-leaders contributing to a cause it legitimizes it and it triggers the powerful FOMO factor.  <can add screenshot from a P2P here>
  2. Stats: one of my favorite ways for supporters to be wowed in an at-a-glance format is using stats! You can quickly illustrate results from services or programs and get an easy ‘yes’ from donors.
  3. Testimonials or Case Studies: Ask volunteers and donors who already support your org or brand to share a quote about their experience. Share testimonials from past program participants. Often, orgs make the mistake of sharing testimonials that are way too long. On a fundraising landing page, you want to opt for short, clear, and high-level stories and quotes. Keep the best part of the testimonial and skip the rest (save it for a longer-form future blog!)

BONUS POINTS: photos and video! When you can, add photos to each testimonial or quote to further validate the social proof. Your audience will resonate with their story even more by adding photos. 

Download this free workbook to see Christina’s favorite examples of Social Proof. https://www.splendidcourses.com/socialproof 

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