GivingTuesday has become the biggest donation day of the year, thanks to the organization that started as the “day that encourages people to do good” back in 2012.

If you want to generate more donations and increase the impact of your organization, you will need to make sure you and your organization have completed the following 9 nonprofit marketing must-haves to ensure a successful campaign day.

#1 Define your Campaign Goals

Your goal sets the focus of your content, your ask, and your game plan leading up to GivingTuesday. You’ll need to brainstorm your theme and structure which will help you determine the best place to reach your donors.

The following questions may help you decide your goals for this upcoming day of generosity:

  • Do I have a target amount that I want to reach in donations?
  • What does my timeline look like for planning and execution?
  • How will our GivingTuesday campaign make donors feel?
  • How will donors discover my GivingTuesday campaign?
  • What else do I need to get out of this campaign to make it worth the effort?

#2 Get your Campaign items ready

When planning a multi-touch nonprofit marketing campaign, you’ll need to think about the donor’s experience and how to get in front of them, at the right time, with the right message.

Here’s the outline of assets you’ll need to to create:

  • Ensure you have an easy donation option
  • Create Social Media Graphics (See Harness + Canva)
  • Create Facebook Ads & Video
  • Write Emails
  • Set up Auto Text Messaging
  • Draft a few Social Media Posts
  • Add Social Proofing - boosts conversions by up to 10%

#3 Market your cause (Week of)

One final step before you launch a campaign to market your cause is to make sure you are able to track all of your efforts. You will want to make sure you have installed your Pixels and Analytic snippets everywhere you are driving donors.

  • Publish your landing page, pop-up forms, and donate button
  • Update Social Media Cover Photos
  • Schedule your Social Media Posts (6 Tips)
  • and Launch your Social Media Ads
  • Schedule your Emails

If you’re using a donor automation tool, you have the ability to schedule auto text-messages to thank donors or send them a nice "GIF” after a contribution (hint: Harness customers report positive feedback for nonprofits that use GIFs in their messaging).

#4 Notify Your Donors (Week of)

You already have this audience. They support your cause, and they are the perfect place to start when you’re gearing up for GivingTuesday. Let them know what your nonprofit is going to be doing on GivingTuesday, and then remind them again. Here are a few tips to keep your donors in the know:

  • Schedule out email messages for Black Friday/Cyber Monday and GivingTuesday
  • Encourage donors to connect on social media
  • Explain to your donors how they can help get the word out

#5 Join the #GivingTuesday Conversation (Day of)

On GivingTuesday, social media is king. #GivingTuesday gets around 14.2 billion social media impressions, meaning it’s the perfect occasion for trying something new. Brainstorm with your team to see what kind of out-of-the-box ideas may be available. GivingTuesday receives a lot of online engagement.

Jump into the conversation and add to it, not only promote your nonprofit but engage with others. Stick to the tone of your nonprofit, but don’t forget to have fun. People are attracted to authenticity.

Some easy ways to engage form your Nonprofit Social Media page are as follows:

  • Comment, share, and engage with others posting about GivingTuesday
  • Be sure that someone is monitoring your Social Media pages, also called “social listening
  • Prepare to help people donate if they face errors

According to Nonprofit Source, Facebook refers 29.4% of traffic to donation pages on #GivingTuesday alone. With this said, the hashtag #GivingTuesday will be trending.

Here are a few questions to inspire some creativity:

  • How could you make online engagement into an ongoing engagement?
  • Would you include donors in your story for thank you shout-outs?
  • What fun things (pay it forward, serenade an unsuspecting barista, balance a spoon on the nose) could you encourage followers to do in real life on GivingTuesday?

8. Meet and Greet (Day of)

If your organization has an accessible location with a nice space, maybe throw a party to celebrate GivingTuesday. Use social media to build the expectation of a possible party and then send out invitations to donors in the area, AND GO LIVE

Details to consider follow:

  • What’s the purpose of your party?
  • How can you make it easy for people to attend?
  • Who is your target audience?

#7 “I want to thank…” (Post-Event)

Nonprofits often have the thanking process down. And people like to be thanked. You can use your normal routes of thanking or you can try different ways. Social media shout-outs, donor highlights in an email, or surprise delivery of cookies are just a few examples. How you thank people for supporting your organization can set your nonprofit apart.

  • What thanking strategies are successful for other nonprofits?
  • Have you asked your donors how they’d like to be thanked?
  • What are the best ways to contact your donors?

For more tips on how to thank Donors thoughtfully, here are some articles to get you started:

·         How do I thank Donors Thoughtfully?

·         How to Thank Donors, by Harness

#9 Now what? Time to Assess the Campaign Efforts (Post-Event)

Okay, you just finished this year’s GivingTuesday. Now what?

After the event is over, it’s time to take a high-level look at the overall analytics.

Key metrics every marketer likes to know is:

·         How many people did I reach from each channel?

·         How many people clicked my ad, organic social post, or visited my website?

·         How many people opened, clicked, and/or donated?

·         How much did my nonprofit raise overall?

This will give you insight back to point #1 about whether or not you reached your goals and if it’s worth campaigning again next year.


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