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9 Tools to Help Your Nonprofit Thrive in 2023

Nonprofit organizations need effective tools and platforms to achieve successful fundraising. Harness Giving Fundraising is a platform that integrates with various tools to make fundraising easier for nonprofits.

Here are the benefits of using each tool and how to use them best with Harness Giving:

  1. Canva

    Canva offers an accessible and user-friendly platform for nonprofits to create visually appealing graphics and marketing materials without specialized design skills. Even better, Canva provides a range of templates, design tools, and stock images for easy graphic design, without needing specialized skills. 
    By using Canva through the Harness Giving dashboard, nonprofits can improve the quality and efficiency of their operations, allowing them to better manage resources, engage supporters, and reach their goals. This integration ensures that nonprofits can create professional-looking graphics and marketing materials that effectively communicate their message and increase engagement.

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  2. Salesforce

    Harness Giving Fundraising integrates with Salesforce to help nonprofits track and manage donor data, automate outreach efforts, and create targeted fundraising campaigns. 
    By utilizing this integration, nonprofits can streamline their fundraising efforts and make data-driven decisions that increase donations and improve donor engagement.

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  3. Mailchimp

    Nonprofits can sync their donor data to Mailchimp using Harness Giving Fundraising's integration to create targeted email campaigns that drive engagement and donations. 
    This integration allows nonprofits to personalize their communications and reach out to supporters in a more targeted way, increasing the likelihood of conversion.

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  4. Quickbooks

    Harness Giving Fundraising's Quickbooks integration enables nonprofits to seamlessly track and manage donations and expenses in one place, streamlining their accounting processes. 
    This integration saves nonprofits time and resources, allowing them to focus on their core mission rather than getting bogged down in administrative tasks.

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  5. Stripe

    By integrating with Stripe, Harness Giving Fundraising enables nonprofits to securely process donations online and track them in real-time, providing valuable insights into their fundraising efforts. 
    This integration ensures that nonprofits can easily accept donations online and gain real-time visibility into their fundraising progress.

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  6. Handwrttn

    Handwryttn an AI-powered platform that allows organizations to automate the process of sending handwritten cards to donors and supporters. With Handwryttn, nonprofits can create personalized cards that look like they were written by hand, complete with custom handwriting styles and ink colors.in-blog image

    Integrating Handwryttn with Harness Giving Fundraising can help nonprofits improve their donor retention rates and increase engagement. By sending personalized handwritten cards to donors, nonprofits can show their appreciation and build stronger relationships with supporters.

    This, in turn, can lead to increased donations and a more committed donor base.

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  7. Hemingway AI (Free)

    Hemingway is an AI tool that helps writers improve the clarity and conciseness of their writing. It highlights passive voice, adverbs, and complex sentences, and suggests alternatives to make the writing more direct and impactful. 
    By utilizing Hemingway, nonprofits can ensure that their messaging is clear and concise, making it easier for supporters to understand their mission and take action.

  8. CoSchedule Headline Analyzer

    CoSchedule Headline Analyzer is an AI tool that analyzes the headline of a piece of writing and provides suggestions for improvement. It takes into account factors such as word choice, length, and the use of power words to help create headlines that are more likely to grab the attention of readers. 
    By utilizing this tool, nonprofits can create attention-grabbing headlines that increase engagement and drive donations.

  9. Trello

    Trello is a project management tool that allows teams to organize and prioritize tasks, assign responsibilities, and collaborate on projects. It uses a visual format of boards, lists, and cards to keep track of tasks and deadlines. 
    Trello can be used to manage everything from fundraising campaigns to volunteer recruitment and event planning. With Trello, nonprofits can keep everyone on the same page and ensure that projects are completed efficiently and effectively. The basic version of Trello is free to use, making it an accessible tool for nonprofits of all sizes.
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To bring this all together, utilizing the right tools is essential for nonprofits to operate effectively and achieve their fundraising goals. These tools not only make the process of fundraising easier but also save time and resources, allowing nonprofits to focus on their core mission and make a bigger impact in their communities.

By combining Harness Giving Fundraising with these tools, nonprofits can improve their fundraising efforts, reach new donors, and increase their donations. Whether you're a large organization or a small one, utilizing these tools can help your nonprofit achieve its goals and make a difference in the world.

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