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How to Choose the Right Round-Up Program for Your Nonprofit

Nonprofit organizations are always looking for ways to engage their donors and raise funds. One way to do this is through Round-Up programs, which allow donors to round up their purchases to the nearest dollar, with the difference going to you, the nonprofit.

But with so many Round-Up programs out there, how do you choose the right one?


We've outlined a few major factors to consider:

  • Platform compatibility is crucial.  Make sure before you go signing a long-term contract you can't get out of, that the program you choose is compatible with your existing website and donation platform. This will ensure that the funds raised are directly deposited into your organization's bank account and tracked seamlessly.

  • The transaction fees. Nonprofits need to maximize their fundraising efforts, so it's essential to choose a Round-Up program that charges reasonable transaction fees. Some Round-Up programs charge a flat fee, while others charge a percentage of the donation amount.

  • Customization options are important. Your nonprofit's branding is crucial, so choose a Round-Up program that allows you to customize the donor experience. This means the ability to add your logo, brand colors, and messaging to the Round-Up program's interface.

  • Donation options should also be considered. Look for a program that allows donors to set their maximum Round-Up amount each month. This provides flexibility and trust between your organization and your donors.

When all of these factors are taken into account, nonprofits can create a successful Round-Up program that engages donors and raises funds for their cause.

But what happens if we don't consider all of these, what happens then?

  • Not compatible with existing tools? Could result in technical difficulties, data discrepancies, and delays in receiving funds. This could lead to a poor donor experience and lost opportunities for fundraising.

  • High transaction fees? You may end up losing a significant portion of your donations to processing fees, reducing the overall impact of their fundraising efforts.

  • Doesn't offer customization options?  The nonprofit's brand may not be reflected in the donor experience, which could lead to confusion or disengagement. A lack of customization options could also make it more challenging to stand out in a crowded fundraising landscape.

  • Doesn't provide donors with enough flexibility? It could lead to frustration and a lack of trust between the nonprofit and its donors. This could result in fewer donations over time as donors feel less connected to the cause.

About Harness Giving

Harness Giving is a comprehensive fundraising software that helps nonprofits of all sizes raise more funds, increase donor engagement, and streamline their fundraising efforts.

With Harness, nonprofits can easily create and manage Round-Up programs, as well as other donation campaigns, using customizable templates and user-friendly tools. Harness also provides robust analytics and reporting capabilities, allowing nonprofits to gain valuable insights into their fundraising performance and donor behavior.

Book a Demo today to learn more about how Harness can help your organization achieve its fundraising goals.

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