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Creating Fundraiser "Magic Moments"

In 2017, the New York restaurant Eleven Madison Park was named the best restaurant in the world. On their staff, they have a role they have called a dreamweaver. That person’s job is to create a memorable experience for their guests.

Fast Company reported that once, when the restaurant staff discovered that the kids from a family visiting from Spain had never seen snow before, the restaurant brought out sleds and chauffeured the family by car to central park.

As head chef and owner Daniel Humm elaborates, “We’re so conditioned to be so serious when it comes to financial matters that we don’t allow ourselves to be silly every once in a while. But this is a basic human need. When we treat somebody to something unforgettable, we’re providing them with that experience.”

He continues sharing with Fast Company, “I’ll tell you a secret about the 95-5 Doctrine: When I say that we spend that last 5% foolishly, I don’t really mean it. It might look foolish, but in reality, it’s intentional. In fact, it’s some of the smartest money we spend, because it delivers a substantial, if immeasurable, return on the investment. It’s that 5% that makes memories, and inspires people to rave about us. It’s that 5% that allows for spontaneity in the workplace. It’s what makes our restaurants and our company such fun places to serve and be served. And at the end of the day, that’s what running a hospitality company is all about.”

What does this have to do with you and your nonprofit?

Well, when you’re stewarding and cultivating a deeper relationship with your donors you want to look for ways to delight them. One of the best parts about subscription philanthropy is, you’re able to focus on the donor experience and create “magic moments” which are memorable to donors because you’re no longer chasing one-off donations. 

Each year you have your annual gala, right?

Perhaps it’s a big fancy dinner.

You’re selling tickets months in advance.

You’re preparing all your speeches that are bound to woo your ticket buying donors into giving even more.

It’s a fun evening. It’s supporting a good cause. But, your donors are expected to be asked to give even more. 

But, imagine this.

Your donor wakes up to an email inviting them to your gala. It’s an event celebrating the amazing donors that support your cause. They scroll through your email looking for where to buy their ticket, except they don’t find one. That’s because there isn't one. The ticket is free. They’re already a subscribing donor. The “ask” is now a gift that any donor would be delighted to receive. 

Now, you might not take all your donors sledding in central park, but with subscription philanthropy you’ve been able to steer away from transactional one-off requests for gifts and move toward creating delightful, magical moments that celebrate your donors’ contributions to the causes for which you both care about. 

The possibilities are endless.

Are you ready to start creating Magic Moments for your donors?

Harness Giving lives and breathes the subscription economy to make the entire donation process easier for donors and nonprofits alike. Whether you are a major player in your local philanthropy scene or just starting out, we can help make your organization recurring donation powerhouse.

Ready to launch your Subscription program? If yes, consider speaking with the Harness Giving team to see how we can help you get results.

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