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Giving Tuesday Social Media Tip: The Power of Pictures​​

Giving Tuesday 2022 is fast approaching. This global day of giving has grown massively in the decade-plus since its inception. Last year, Giving Tuesday raised $2.7 billion, and that’s not even taking into account ongoing donations after the big day!
People are ready to give!

In this post, we’re going to share some tips on selecting the right images for your Giving Tuesday social media posts.

The power of a picture

A picture is worth a thousand words. You’ve heard it before, and you’ll likely hear it again. A great picture can do a lot of work for you. Ideally, it will stop the scroll and communicate to the viewer what you’re all about. It’s the hook that sets someone on the path to becoming a donor.

Take this example from the Grand Canyon Conservancy.

Immediately you see what’s being conserved and you see one of the reasons why it’s being conserved—so people can enjoy it! All this is conveyed without you having to read a single word. And the copy doesn’t have to be complicated. It quickly points out and reinforces what’s already been established and then provides a simple reminder about Giving Tuesday and the date to anchor it in someone’s mind.

Your photos don’t have to be fancy

You don’t have to have an expensive camera and perfectly edited photos to get the job done. The importance is that they feel real and contribute to the story you’re trying to tell.

This post recently shared by World Central Kitchen does just that. The pair simple, descriptive copy with an unfussy image that clearly conveys the work that they do. You see the impact first hand, and you get a sense of the people who will be helped as a result of your contribution.

You don’t need a big design budget

It doesn’t have to be fancy. You don’t need a huge design budget. You need to evoke an emotion. What do you see in this photo?

Joey is cute. He’s adorable. You probably want to stop scrolling, dry him off, and give him a pet. Then the copy describes the impact of past donations, anchoring past donors' generosity to a specific animal—Joey! All this with a low-fi photo and some blue text.

Does your picture make the cut?

Once you have a picture in mind for a social post, we find some of these questions to super helpful in making sure you pick the right one.

  • Does it illustrate what your nonprofit does?
  • Does it make you want to stop scrolling?
  • Does the picture elevate the copy (and vice versa)?
  • Can I see the donation being put to work?

This principle can be applied to other platforms

We’ll let the pictures tell the story!

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