GivingTuesday 2021 is here, a global day of giving many non-profits participate in to engage NEW donors & current donors in a day of mass giving!

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In this article we showcase campaigns our partners ran in 2020, and highlight what we liked about them in hopes they inspire some creativity with your upcoming fundraising campaigns! For best practices on creating great campaigns + campaign marketing, how to create & share your campaign & our partner examples below! 👇🎉

What they did well:

Think BIG for kids provided their Facebook followers an easy way to connect (text-in code), donate (link gets sent to donor), and hopefully a lifelong donor. They also benefit by collecting a new contact (new donor opt-in in their database) by offering a Keyword Text-In option and utilizing social media as their distribution channel. Smart!

What they did well:

The first thing they did well is to email their database, helping them stay top of mind with their donors. Children's Foundation of America sent an email highlighting where donor contributions help.

The second thing they did well, (this is a big one) is have ONE call-to-action in their email. This is strategic to avoid the recipient from clicking around and losing track of the main goal of this message. They used their brand accent color to highlight their Donate Button on their email, making it very clear what we want them to do. Well done!

What they did well:

First of all, we love that the National Hemophilia Foundation has HARNESSED THEIR WEBSITE. *shameless plug*

By adding Harness Giving to their website, they started with an easy setup, plug-and-play slew of tools to fundraise effectively, driving donors to their website, and collecting donations (one-time, monthly, or recurring) right from their website.

By offering the option to provide recurring donations, National Hemophilia Foundation increases the chance of a life-long donor and reduces the effort of trying to get that specific donor to come back and donate again. Cheers to them!

What they did well:

Big Brothers Big Sisters did a more personal touch with their email outreach. What they did instead of "Hey, remember us, it's that time of year again. Will you donate?" they sent out a "Letter from the CEO" which humanizes the organization, regardless of it's size and makes the donor feel seen by the CEO of the charity they have donated to in the past.

What we also liked about this email was the photos of potential volunteers or team members making giving a face to the hard work behind the scenes. Bravo

What they did well:

A few things to shout out here, from Whatcom Land Trust GivingTuesday campaign efforts:

  1. Used the #GivingTuesday hashtag - this is great to capture attention from users and other nonprofits who are monitoring the hashtag day-of.
  2. They provide a clear message asking for help by stating, "Give back to the land that we all love" creating common ground with those who love this land (hopefully all of us here :) )
  3. Whatcom Land Trust did a change-up with the general ask for donations and sweetened the deal with a match, up to 5,000! Kudos all around!

What they did well:

Carolina Tiger Rescue really knows how to speak to their donors. You know their trick? They treat them like people. Crazy, right?

In the mix of it all, the events, several campaigns throughout the year and having (what seems like) an unattainable goal, just remember that your donors are people too, trying to make this world a better place.

This email thanks their donors (prior to donation) showing gratitude for their interest in helping them succeed. This email also highlights how donations will help their tigers, by name.

"$100 provides a life-enhancing medical treatment for Caprichio Tiger"

These are all great examples of what-to-do for your upcoming #GivingTuesday campaigns.

You're ready!

Remember, even if we have our own goals to reach, and our own struggles to overcome, we're all in it for the sake of doing good and helping others.

We'd love to hear what you liked from the examples above, things you've tried with your nonprofit and any other ideas you think would benefit your fellow charities reach their goals this year.