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Google Analytics Tracking in the Harness Dashboard


Here are the requested “Google Analytics” features & updates so far:

1. Use cross-domain tracking so we can follow the user flow all the way to conversion.

2. Track conversions.

3. Get eCommerce data (i.e., donation amount) which we can then associate with each conversion, so organizations can calculate our ROAS


Updates to our "Google Analytics" feature were made to have it track the correct data and provide the insights clients are looking for with this feature by allowing clients to save their "Google Analytics" ID and then track standard events made on the donation webapp provided by Harness.

Events being Tracked

Similar to Facebook Pixel, we are tracking the following:

  1. Initiate Checkout

  2. Complete Registration

  3. Add Payment Info

  4. Donate (or Purchase)

  5. Subscribe (monthly giving - if possible)

  6. View Page/Content

Events Explained More

Google Analytics Events Doc

1. Initiate Checkout

  • begin_checkout

2. Complete Registration (Both Sign-Up & Login)

When a user creates a donor account

  • login

  • sign_up

3. Add Payment Info

When user creates/adds a payment source - "payment info" page

  • add_payment_info

4. Donation Made

When a user completes a donation and reaches the "Thank you" screen

  • purchase


5. Subscribe (COMING SOON)

When a user completes a "monthly" donation (reaches thank you screen for monthly)

  • Custom Event

6. Campaign - Clicks Donate Button

  • generate_lead

7. View Page/Content

For the "Page Views" I was working off of this doc:

Google Analytics Page View Docs

  • page_title

  • page_location

  • page_path

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