Nonprofits and technology have not always played well together. There was always the misconception that tech was too complicated, too expensive, and having the latest tech wasn't necessary. However, fast forward to 2021 and we live in a world where everything we do relies on tech in one way or another.

Listen in as Eddie Allen, Benito Tijerina (from Pacific Northwest Fundraising) and our very own Emily Stineman discuss the need for change when it comes to nonprofits and technology, and how Harness Giving is empowering nonprofits to create lifelong supporters.

In this podcast, Emily dives into the full Harness experience and how Subscription Philanthropy is changing the nonprofit landscape, for good.

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 How Harness is helping nonprofits create better donor experiences

Here's the secret sauce that makes us good at what we do. The Harness team has mastered for-profit concepts, and brings them to the nonprofit space to help coach and bridge gaps that organizations face everyday.

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Our two main specialties:

  1. Helping partners build a sustainable recurring giving program
  2. Enhance their donor stewardship and overall donor engagement
We live in a subscription economy. The average number of subscription a person has is 6.7 platforms. We live in a subscription economy. The average number of subscription a person has is 6.7 platforms. 

The Harness team embraces consumer trends to meet donors where they are, and engage with them seamlessly, instead of trying to change behaviors.

What we've found following a Subscription Philanthropy culture:

  1. Giving Flows: by embedding pop-up Giving Flows right on a nonprofit's website each donor clearly understands what they are giving to and the impact their donation will have
  2. Round-Ups: Ask for pennies and get ~$35 a month per donor (this is also the Millennials’ preferred giving option)
  3. GiveUp-To-GiveBack: Average gift is $28 per month
  4. Smart-Ask™:  6% of one time donors into monthly supporters & nonprofits average 3x in recurring revenue offering this as an option during checkout
  5. Social Proof: Average conversion lift is ~10%
  6. Text-Messaging: has a 98% open rate, meaning your content will be seen!


Smaller monthly donors, become your larger donors over time = Stewardship

Ways to use Harness Giving to improve donor experience and build a sustainable recurring giving program:


A "Round-Up" is the term we use to describe the spare change captured from automatically rounding up your transactions to the next dollar. 

An example of a Round-Up is if you bought a coffee for $2.40 on your connected credit/debit card, we'd "Round-Up" the purchase to the next dollar amount ($3) and the change ($0.60) would be counted as Round-Up change. Round-Ups are then accumulated over the month and are donated either when you reach your "Monthly Donation Cap" or at the very end of the month.


Learn more about "Auto-Messages" (via Text Messages) on the Harness Fundraising Platform!

Other FUN tools

One of the best parts about using text as a medium of communication is that you can make it fun. Spice up your texts with emojis, gifs, merge-tags, or still photos.

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About Emily Stineman:

Emily specializes in working with nonprofits to help build and grow their fundraising efforts through round-up technology.

I can't wait to see which other organizations we help to build a sustainable giving program and a foundation for stewardship! In our podcast, you can learn more about some of the common misperceptions with fundraising and why Harness has turned to the for-profit industry and online giving trends to build Subscription Philanthropy. - Emily Stineman

About Harness Giving

Harness' Subscription Philanthropy platform gives non-profits the tools, support and confidence they need to transform their business models into driving sustainable recurring revenue. Currently, non-profits in America work to re-acquire 95% of their revenue each year, making growth unlikely, if not impossible.

The Harness Platform makes it easy for organizations to track, manage, and grow subscription analytics, billing, and revenue. Our API-First development approach paired with our Push-to-Start delivery model allows us to serve organizations of all sizes, helping them to build, launch, and grow subscription giving programs engineered to drive sustainable, recurring donations.