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What is Subscription Philanthropy?

Recurring relationships = Recurring high fives.

Donors have changed. They have a new set of expectations. They're looking for new ways to engage with the causes they support.

Welcome to Subscription Philanthropy

We've outlined a few articles that might be helpful to get you up to speed on what we're all about:

The message remains the same: Donors want customization, not generalization. Sincere gratitude, not presumed formalities. Above all, they want to help create change, not just throw their dollars at the idea of it.

In the old world, let's call it Transactional Philanthropy, it was all about securing the donation. Acquiring new donors, searching for the right heartstrings to pull, shaking them down for a gift - any gift. But in this new era, it's all about the donor relationship. More and more donors are rejecting the transactional fundraising approach in search of genuine causes and giving opportunities that they can rally behind.

Developing relationships requires a new way of thinking. Rather than placing focus on the "donation" or the "transaction," organizations offering Subscription Philanthropy live and die by their ability to focus on the donor experience. The formula for success lies in delivering multi-channel feedback and the gratification that conditions and reinforces altruistic giving behavior). This is exactly what makes Subscription Philanthropy so awesome: the ability to make donors feel like their contributions are directly moving the needle.

It's more important to note that shifting to a subscription model is exploding in all consumer markets for its ability to create predictable, recurring revenue streams - ultimately, what we are all seeking.

Harness was hand-built for the subscription experience. It comes loaded with features to help transform your fundraising from end-to-end. High fives all around

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