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What is the Harness Giving Round-Up Program?

At Harness Giving, our round-up program is a unique type of donation program where donors register their credit or debit card, and each time they make a purchase, the transaction is rounded up to the nearest dollar. That spare change collected throughout the month, is then donated directly to your organization at the end of each month.
For example, if your donor makes a purchase for $9.50, their transaction would be rounded up to $10.00, with the extra 50 cents being rounded up and put into the bucket for donation at the end of the month.

These small donations may not seem like much individually, but when added up over time and with multiple donors, they can make a significant impact for your organization.

How Does Our Round-Up Program Work?

Our round-up program is super simple, and easy to use. Donors can sign up for the program through any of your giving forms, or campaigns, and link their credit or debit card. From there, every purchase they make using the linked card will be rounded up, with the spare change going directly to the nonprofit of their choice.

Our program also provides donors with the ability to set a monthly donation cap, so they can ensure they're giving an amount they're comfortable with. Our program has a minimum monthly giving amount of $9.99 so each month, even if the round up amount accrued is less than $9.99, the donor will give at the $9.99 level.

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Who Can Benefit from Our Round-Up Program?

The beauty of the Harness round-up program is it can benefit a wide range of nonprofit organizations, from large national charities to small local community groups.

These programs are particularly beneficial for organizations looking to build out individual giving as a primary source of funding, as they offer a consistent and reliable stream of support.

Why Should Your Organization Promote Round-Ups?

  • For donors, round-ups offer an easy and convenient way to support  your cause. without having to make a large financial commitment. The spare change donations can add up quickly, allowing donors to make a meaningful contribution without even realizing it. This will not only provide gratification for you donors, but can increase their total giving life-time and dollar amounts.
  • For your organization, round-ups offer a reliable source of funding that can help support your programs and services. They can also provide a way to engage new donors and raise awareness for their organization. And because the process of signing up for round-ups is simple and quick, it requires little effort from your organization to manage. 

We're passionate about supporting nonprofits in their missions, and we believe that Harness Giving can make a real difference in your organization's fundraising efforts. If you're interested in learning more about our platform, Book a Demo to speak to our team

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