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Get Your Nonprofit Board on Board with Recurring Giving [Infographic]

It may seem like there's constant resistance when pitching new ideas to your board members. There could be various reasons, but the most common is that the board members are out of the look on what's going on.

We've outlined a starting point for you and your nonprofit team to engage and excite your board on initiatives that will help you fundraise more efficiently. 

Engaging Your Board Infographic



We've outlined ways to get your board "on-board" with Recurring Giving



If you're not excited, they won't be excited. If you're giving off the vibe this is "one more thing" to do, so will they.

What's exciting? Creating a stable source of revenue  so your mission can grow!


Share how Harness's recurring giving options offer your donors a NEW, EASY, FUN way to make an impact without having to make any grand gestures.

  • Engage NEW donors (easy, lower entry point of support)
  • Engage CURRENT supporters that aren’t $ donors (here’s looking at you, Volunteers!)
  • Engage your BEST donors/partners (increase their giving)


In the same way you want to make it easy for your donors to give, you should remove every barrier for your Board members to give. Don't make them jump through hoops!

Instead, use the email template we've created for you!


Expect resistance, questions & feedback.

As a general rule, people don't like change, so expect some natural resistance and questions from your Board members before they agree to commit/sign up.

Be prepared for their questions by knowing the platform and what you're asking from them and graciously receive their feedback.

Your nonprofit board cares about your nonprofit's mission success as much as you do.

Help them be effective in their business decisions by showing them the value recurring giving can provide for your organizations' sustainability and growth.

Through providing them with the proper tools and education, you can empower your board members to become your biggest fundraising champions! 

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